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 Announcements will be made to students for any upcoming sport seasons and tryout dates.  Information will be posted on the STS website and flyers will be posted on campus. Any student interested in playing any of our available sports this school year are required to visit (see below for more information on Home Campus) prior to the start of the season to complete the Athletic Eligibility Packet and upload the required annual sports physical.

All Parents/Guardians of Athletes must register for an account:
1. Click here for Athletic Clearance at
2. Watch short tutorial video, then register for a new account. Verify account and then log in.
3. Parents register with valid email, username & password. You will be asked to type in code to verify you are human.  If this step is skipped your account will NOT activate.
STS and District policy require that any student who intends to participate in an athletic contest must comply
with special regulations. These rules are non-negotiable and will result in the student not being allowed to
participate until all documents have been completed and processed with the athletic coach. Therefore, if
you plan to participate in Summerwind Trails Middle School athletics, please be prepared to complete the
following documentation on the Home Campus Website (see link above) :
  • Informed Consent Form (Signed by a parent/guardian)
  • Athlete (Signed by parent/guardian and student)
  • Athletic Emergency Information Form
    (Must include name of insurance carrier, policy # and carrier contact #)
  • Physical Release (stamped & signed by doctor) – Physicals are valid for one year from the
    date of physical.
  • Concussion Information and Protocols for RTP
  • Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
It is also required that the following academic requirements be met:
  • Pass all classes and maintain at least 2.0 GPA, a weekly behavioral/grade check will be required by all athletes.  
  • Maintain passing grades in current classes with no D’s or F’s.
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