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Trailblazer Sports

Summerwind Middle School offers a variety of sports for all middle school students.  Cross Country, Flag Football, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball are all offered.

All athletes during the 2022-2023 school year will need to follow the following procedures for athletics:

Students wishing to try out for any sports will need to fill out the athletic tryout waiver and turn it in to the coach for the specific sport you are trying out for. Scholastic Eligibility  -  1.  Initial Scholastic Eligibility  In  order  to  be  eligible,  any  student  needs  to  have  passed  (no  D’s  or  F’s)  all  classes  and  maintain  a  2.0 or higher GPA.  2.  Continuing Scholastic Eligibility  a)  A student is scholastically eligible if:  ●  The  student  maintains  passing  grades  in  all  classes  in  the  current  grading  period.  A  weekly  grade  check  will  be  required  to  be  completed  on  Monday  of  each  week  and  turned  in  to  qualify  the  student  to  play.  If  the  student  does  not  turn  in  a  grade  check  or  does  not  meet  the  requirements  they  will  not  be  allowed  to participate  until they  meet  the  academic  standards. 


Students who make a team will need to fill out the athletic packet every school year and turn it in to the Coach or the office.  This packet will be valid for the entire school year.  Once the student has fully filled out the athletic packet, has a current physical on file and holds a 2.0 GPA and passing all classes he/she will be eligible to compete in games.


Students who have turned in the athletic packet for a prior sport will still need to fill out a new tryout waiver and for every additional sport that they play.

Below are the schedules and locations of games for all leagues.  
middle school sports
STS Soccer: 
Your Summerwind Trails 2022/2023 sports teams:
soccer games